Marijuana Cultivation and Consulting


Cultivation is the heart of the industry. Our expert team will guide you through all the aspects of the growth process from facility design to harvest. By combining the most recent methods and technology, with our over 25 years of experience, we provide our clients with the successful systems to generate the highest yields with lowest overhead costs.

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High quality product is the first step, but effective distribution is key. Optimal Growth’s Advisors will assist in the development, operations and legal requirements for your dispensary.  This includes access to our vast of network of cultivators and collectives, opening doors to your success.

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Are you ready to get involved in the next trillion-dollar industry in the US, but not sure where to begin? Let our Investment Consultant be your Cannabis Industry advocate. Our knowable team will aid you in vetting potential partners, facilitating connections and evaluating risk levels to ensure your potential investment is secure and profitable.

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Optimal Growth is comprised of a team of experienced professionals with a passion for medical cannabis and commitment to success.

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