I met David about four years ago. I was interested in getting a head start in the medical cannibus industry as a cultivator but had no idea how to go about setting up a profitable operation. I knew no one who could guide me and I really wanted to do everything legally. David walked me through the entire operation from how to incorporate my business, setting up a greenhouse and all that entailed, to procuring a market for the end product. He has been there every time I needed advise on how to irrigate, when and what to spray, the optimum time to harvest and how to distribute the finished product. David is more than just knowledgeable, he is hands down, an expert in all phases of the cultivation industry.
I respect him for his expertise and trust him to always work in my best interest. If you are seeking answers as to how to get involved in this industry, you can’t do better than Optimal Growth.

Price & Paulette Bethel
Eden Group Inc.